ss: love is in the air… and i am feeling claustrophobic

Love Is In The Air… and I Am Feeling Claustrophobic

My facebook marriages, engagements, and relationships crescendo-ed to a quiet and peaceful single status. Meanwhile my real-time experiments enjoyed some happy practice time with the occasional mess up. I slowly found my un-JNET status of participating in salt shaker activity a bit of a challenge.

This year has been full of play. The podcasting habit slipped AGAIN, my blog writing routine disrupted – BUT I can do double turns when I salsa and I’ve been dancing and performing. Having added Pilates to cross train against dance and yoga, I can continue my ice cream indulgences with E moo after an evening of dance and then some.  E moo seems to only lead best at the dance floor and is oblivious to my floundering.

All the ice cream in the world coupled up with fun and affection cannot cover over the growing frustration of having not been productive in my writing and piano practice, leading me to think that dating and a future of salt-shakering… ie pairing up is going to take more mindful thought and discipline. I also entertain the possibility of being a confirmed bachelorette.

Not to blow my mind at a minor level, the mathematician resurfaced full of sunshine and charm. He is so easy to adore. His conversations still have its way of pinning me against the wall as we entertain universal truths within details. It is an unhindering friendship.

To salsa? To tango? To read a book? To watch a movie? To be together? To be alone….

Love is in the air…

And I am feeling claustrophobic.

Lucky me?



~ by jnetsworld on November 12, 2008.


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