ss: the accidental boyfriend

SS: The Accidental Boyfriend

I’m a bit unravelled.

It’s a good thing.

My current facebook status update: Life and love is interestingly hilarious.

I am onto my THIRD facebook marriage of the summer and the only appropriate thing I can think to say to my prospective real time suitors is…

“Welcome to JNETSWORLD:)”

I do not know how most people do it… living it Noah on a daily basis. Together conversations and together times bumping against the Independent Meditation. Life in the carpool lane is not everyone’s experience.

It’s exciting and un-nerving.

Un-nerving because I am happy and wonder what more can I want in having someone’s life align with mine. Un-nerving because conversations and thoughts are more demanding. I must balance self ambition and develop a shared dream in order to build possible futures with another person.

I feel like I’ve started a brand new company and I’m not the only president.

E: “You are incredibly rational.”

JNET: “A couple of my guy bestfriends have voted me as such.”

E: “Don’t you have emotions?”

JNET: “I like them when they are useful.”

E: “Hmmmm.”

JNET: “I have no right to tell you how to spend your time. If you wish to date other people, then you should and I will decide from there how I feel about it and you. Anyway, I hate making decisions for other people. Be happy.”

E: “Wow….”

I can’t be the only person that thinks and talks this way… this “incredibly rational” way…. who experiences emotion yet in a surrealistically sacred and detached way.

And so exciting comes up in conversations… in all the ways of being… in entertaining salt shaker dances.

Do I have emotions?

Yes… very much …

D: “You have a boyfriend? That is so UN-JNET.”

JNET: “I know… It sorted happened.”

I have an accidental boyfriend…

Meanwhile, I’m onto my third facebook marriage. I dissolved my marriage to my roommate after one week and we are still living happily ever after. The experiment continues… spinning possible futures, practicing expanding identities with boyfriends, husbands, fictitious and less than fictitious.

Welcome to jnetsworld…

It’s nice that someone wants to be in my mad hatter yet sensible world. Status updates to follow.



~ by jnetsworld on July 8, 2008.


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