ss: practicing salt shaker life

SS: Practicing Salt Shaker Life

Notoriously single, I decided to get married the easiest way I knew possible;

I married one of my facebook buddies…

JNET: “E, do you mind confirming me as your wife? If you don’t mind playing along, I’d like to marry you this week.”

The announcement… specifically, my facebook status update, coincidentially landed during a weekend I was planning to visit Las Vegas for the first time. Predictably, the plan was cancelled.

My first hello came from a friend in Kuwait… followed by half a dozen others from around the country…

A: “You got married !! OMG !! Congratulations !!! All the best sis :)”

Close friends suspected I would be spontaneous enough for a Vegas wedding but the glaring clue that made it questionable was that they all knew I will only marry on a specific date. I also began putting up crazy updates to entertain my friends to clue them in that I was playing a game… such as;

“JNET is honeymooning to planet XYZ in an ice cream truck….. JNET is drawing out her wedding portrait with crayons.”

My current status update is:

“JNET is lost in a time travel catatonic state due to a stupid penny.”

Would becoming part of a salt shaker set be fatalistic to enjoying solitude? As I enjoy both worlds through facebook, I see that a huge part of my identity is my singularity in living a soloist life.

So… I promised to marry half a dozen other friends on my facebook during the summer.

Solitude… my silence makes me sane. Is it possible to have it all? Solitude, silence AND a salt shaker life?

Perhaps my boardgame mantra fits here:

“I hate to lose (a boardgame) but I enjoy a good beating.”

I am enjoying the shock, the hellos and the congratulations. Despite being the type of person that doesn’t like to speak to anyone before noon unless I have to, I’ve been stretching my self in practicing “relationship” in my own ways.

Status updates to follow (on facebook)




~ by jnetsworld on June 27, 2008.


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