super girl solitude

Super Girl Solitude

While others look forward in anticipation of upcoming events and occassions, I look forward to my next occassion to be alone.

I have a date with myself on Monday at 1am. To be alone again is an EVENT in itself.

ONE A.M. is when I’ll have completed podcasting for the evening… prior to podcasting, I’ll be dancing and taking a salsa class with friends, before dancing, I’ll be modeling for my photographer friend and taking a few pix myself 😉

My “priors” and “befores” do not end there…

Prior to helping my friend with her photography class homework, I’ll have attended a self-defense/fighting class for 3 hours… I’ll have waken up, fed and dressed myself by 8am in order to commute to my class. I’m sure you all think.. soo what? It’s an active life and waking up to get to a morning class that I get to attend for no big deal… She’ll be on the fast train until 1am.. How fun!

As it is, I am writing on stolen time. I ought to be cleaning the apartment because I’m having a birthday party and 30 of my fun and favorite people are coming over for a be silly “rock out your pajamas” party. The party begins at 7pm and will be my photography project… We will dance, play music, we will eat and laugh, we will drink and it will be fireworks of happiness in the house.

Afterall there is no way to feel uptight in flannel or in the company of happy people in bling’d up, rocked out pajamas.

I will try to make sure to make my power nap superpowerful to make that 9am class.

Making mental notes …

Monday, May 19th at 1am. That will be the first time that I can afford to be absolutely selfish with myself and be able to relax and reflect again… Saturday is full of giddy party energy… Sunday is concentrate and learn work energy… very physical…

I’ll return to my silent space soon enough after being at top speed… I’ll have no appointments until late Monday afternoon then. It will be my time to let my thoughts wander and allow myself to be lazy with wonder again.

Until then, I steal moments at the piano to forget time and myself… and write.

Stolen pleasure of the day… I enjoyed a lunch in silence and laughed with my thoughts.

How I love my world and all the people in it… the laughter, the noise, the music, it is all like champagne..

In the small gaps of solitude, I’ll care for my garden, clean my space, pay my bills, run errands to the store and banks, sit at the park, or catch up with a friend on the phone (very rarely though… I am too busy and distracted to even sit at the phone for any length of time)..

My world is full of wonderful people whom I enjoy getting to learn and know…
the world I run to go home to… to listen and learn more of is returning to my self.

I don’t think my super girly ness would quite work if I didn’t have my super girl solitidue.

Party at 7pm tonight… My girl friends are picking me up at 1pm to take me to the beauty salon for some down girl chat time.. We will be done by 3pm.. leaving 4 hours to prep and clean.. and dress up.

Meanwhile I write on stolen time.. I steal a song at the piano… minding that the place needs to be ready and my party smile on the go at a moment’s notice…

ONE a.m. Monday… will be all about ME… and being still..



~ by jnetsworld on May 17, 2008.


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