romancing LA

Romancing LA

You would think that after six straight months of doing a blogtalkradio show that a habit had been established. One show a week did not guarantee a habit. I feel off step and chose to dance instead, hitting up the salsa scene, ran around with friends and enjoyed adventures that rendered me unprepared to do my show.

Romancing LA
slid to the backseat of my life. And somehow Guilt settled into the passenger seat.

“It’s good to take a break.” “I want to choose a new time slot.” “I only want to do my show if I am well prepared.” “I did not have internet access to do my show.” “I was busy”

A litany of excuses grew. And then the calls and emails from my friends began…

“How’s your show going?” “When’s the next show?” “What’s going on?”

I missed doing my show and the guilt of separation was hurting. Not only was I not doing a show… I had also taken a break from writing. I was experiencing a whole new world and not writing of it. I had even taken a break from practicing the piano as I threw myself into dance and enjoyed the company of new friends.

There is a place where excuses get exhausted and I got to that place.

And so I decided to return to blogtalkradio by doing a midnight marathon of shows… SEVEN in a row.

What is romancingLA? What is jnetsworld?

Simply put, it is words, pictures, a person putting a tapestry called “Life is beautiful.” Struggle opens to resolution… the walk between dark and light. It is a call to fellow rugged angels, people who trek the field of life with a dream to make it a better place knowing that most of the work lies within their self.

Following bliss and blessing the dark times interpreting the moments as lessons along the way. This is what I care about exploring…

How did the SEVEN show marathon go?

Day ONE was dedicated to throwing away excuses….

Day TWO was almost compromised. I had committed to being a guest host on a friend’s show, meanwhile, I had planned on attending a dance class. OOPS. It was day two and already the temptation to fall off step. Instead, I attended class, excused myself for an hour to call in my friend’s show to speak, and then returned to continue dancing for a couple more hours. I returned home by midnight to host my own show, “Being a Have It All Person,” having enough time and mental space to entertain dinner guests and hang out.

Day THREE was threatened as well. I had scheduled a show to be called “Time Management is an Attitude” and thought I would have a good amount of free time to prepare after an afternoon of teaching. I did not plan on friends arriving upon my heels enthusiastic to surprise me with a dinner get together sans surprise guests… Everyone was hungry and on the edge of cranky though pressing forward for fun…

I hosted the show, a bit off the hip, while entertaining friends and playing a board game. It was an exercise in multitasking and having fun in the chaos. I won the board game and learned that if I can do a show in those conditions then “pressure” is simply something I define myself.

Finally Day FOUR managed to be a calm show. And Day FIVE’S “Name Your Distraction” Day SIX’s “Waiting on Inspiration” crescendo’d into Day SEVEN’S “Habit Factory.” Each day was met with a challenge to NOT do the show…

My cell phone died… I borrowed my friends…. Friends wanted to go out for a drink…. I met them for last call. Mom requested to not do midnight shows… and my friends requested that I steer away from doing midnight shows on Fridays and Saturdays.

All obstacles were handled… not without some effort. And I have resolved that doing a weekly show is not enough practice to grow an audience. I am going to do a show every Monday and Wednesday at midnight and then an additional 12pm or 12am show on either Friday or Saturday.

Meanwhile that will spur me to write more and be organized… We’ll see where this experiment goes.



~ by jnetsworld on April 22, 2008.


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