nightcaps and pajamas

Nightcaps and Pajamas

We didn’t quite cute it out in baby dolls…

The flash of fun had to take a new turn… Katana’s with friends for dinner, dancing and drinks at Social, … lots of haha and rah rah…

After a week of miscellaneous wildness and art galleries, I was ready to jump off the Hollywood chic wagon and walk again to my own drum beat.. This little kitty girl was longing for the comfort and security of home and pajamas.

I enjoyed the beginning of a quiet evening with my roommate B and pal E for dinner – happy to cook and play board games at home. And then a bit of air gushed in from Beverly Hills through the front door.

C: “Jnet, let’s go out.”

JNET: “I’m not going anywhere unless I can wear my pajamas.”

C: “Fine.”

My friend had just returned from a gala event, dressed in silk black dress, jewelry and finery from Beverly Hills’ boutiques. I was in no mood to join the hip masses and my mind was made. I had already played dress up all week. I’d rather clean my room or laze about home in pink pajamas than have another martini. I wore my strong will on well and my friend knew how to circumvent it.

C: “May I have a pair of your pajamas? We can rock out in pjs?”

I handed her a pair of flannel red and white plaid pjs and a red shirt and continued my board game.

B: “Hey, my friend invited us over to the pub where she is working. She’s a sweetheart. We have to go say hello to her.”

JNET: “Then I guess that’s where we’re going in pajamas.”

Pajamas, jewelry and high heels. We did not wear baby dolls. We wore the stuff you wear to summer camp… the stuff you wear when going on holiday with grandma and the family… bumped up with bling and high heels.

It was a good mind exercise to say the least. Being out with friends that were charmed by our fashion expression was good. Security at the pub just wanted to make sure to check out ids and we stood in line with our friends and fellow humans waiting to enter the pub. Though I would’ve preferred home and a boardgame, the novelty of styling it in comfort amused me.

Everyone that talked to us at the bar didn’t realize we were wearing pjs. We toasted, we laughed, we talked, we danced…. and after a few drinks, another social call was on the schedule. I didn’t get home until after 5:30am…

And it was nice to literally be ready for bed.

We ought to have pajama nights… Casual Friday at the office is blase… Pajama night out in the town might be interesting… maybe everyone would be less uptight…. For certain everyone will be much warmer.

Maybe next time I’ll wear the red ones with little cartoon samurai characters… But which shoes and earrings????




~ by jnetsworld on April 3, 2008.


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