bah humbug

Bah Humbug

I lived on coffee this week.

I didn’t bother with too much food because when my schedule is particularly tight, I’m not a eat and run girl and therefore I skip on food if I’m rushing around. My schedule went upside down with parents forgetting to bring their child to their piano appointment this week. I spent way too much time than I cared for waiting when I would have rather done other things… like laundry, sleep, eat, and of course … Christmas shop.

And so I taught at times that were normally meant to be my personal time… Times to sleep, eat, do laundry, errands were compromised.   I drank coffee which I rarely do… and found myself doing my work knowing that I hadn’t slept in over 36 hours.

I don’t know if they understood my forthrightfulness when I explained the inconvenience of making up their missed commitments on my personal time… They were hellbent that I somehow OWED them my time since they had paid for the lesson. Since over 50% of the parents did not keep their regular time commitment, I didn’t feel like taking up a war… I have hospital bills that I owe from collapsing after exhausting myself in October by subsidizing other’s poor time management skills.

I’m still jacked up on coffee. It is nearly 4am and I am anxious over needing to get to San Diego to visit my family for the holidays. I should be happy to relax but my house is a wreck. The christmas tree is on the floor after a fall and it is too heavy to put it up by myself. I am happy though that I’ve nearly completed my wrapping of gifts for my family.

I dread the phone ringing….

“Miss JNET, I am soooo sorry that I missed our piano lesson this week. Can YOU make up the lesson to US tomorrow???”

How can anyone learn about time management and commitment when people don’t know how to own and PAY for mistakes? How is it that even if I speak forthrightly, the next question is yet still…. “so when will YOU make up the lesson?”

ANYWAY, aside from the fact that I am so out to mars with my schedule and I am not eating or sleeping regularly, I know nothing but to rant and hope that I will exhaust myself and finally fall asleep.

I need to do something yet to arrange my December schedule even better so that I don’t get strung around like this again next year. I hate this month and people have no idea how upside down my life gets with their mistakes. They listen was glassy christmas shopping eyes…. increasing my bah humbugness…. inciting a personal battle.

I don’t like hating Christmas.



~ by jnetsworld on December 23, 2007.


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