away white elephants

Away White Elephants

The Chinese have a tradition of writing down their wishes and hanging them on the tree. I have my wishes on the tree… they will continue to hang on my proverbial tree after the holiday stuff is put away. What’s your wish? Do you have room for it to come true?

The same wishes that I have wished for when I was four are the same wishes I have for my life today. In many ways, the wishes have come true. I’ve been working my way through the various phases and levels of reality… embellishing on how wonderful it can be yet. It’s a fun practice…. concentrating on wishes and dreams and bumping them up the next level. It is like dressing up a simple bowl of vanilla ice cream with lots of extas.

I watch others around me concentrate on other things. They are definitely not enjoying a banana split. Life is messy as they concentrate on things that make them angry and frustrated. I don’t think they are enjoying a decent lick of life when life is melting all sticky and messy around them. I am a storyteller of wonder, they are doomsayers of how life goes wrong over and over again. I have a league of angels by my side and they are twarted by their demons.

I like to stay away from such people if possible. They suck so much energy from me that I don’t understand how they have the energy for their dramas. If the world is a stage, then I think a lot of these actors need to spend more time in class to work stuff out before insisting on taking center stage.

Isn’t it more favorable to be engaged in dreaming and the journey to make dreams a reality than to relive a nightmare or recite a bad bad script? When you can choose between following one’s dreams or re-experiencing something wrong re-packaged like a white elephant? What would you choose?

I find it easy to pass on the white elephant.

What IS a white elephant? It’s a gift that you don’t have use for…

I’ve created the habit of passing on white elephants but how many can look at their life and see that they’ve made quite an impressive collection? Maybe that too small sweater of a hideous color will fit someday and make you feel totally hot. Maybe you’ll look better in that hat that really isn’t your style today… tomorrow. RIGHT….

Some white elephants are easy to pass.. It’s the invisible ones in the collection that are fun to dig up and throw away. They are harder to unwrap. Sometimes, after getting them we shove them in some back closet to deal with another day. I had forgotten of a few until a certain day doing some spring cleaning, I get belted on the head with a forgotten elephant or two. Better late than never to rid of such white elephants.

I meet people who’d rather never re-do the closet and make life appear absolutely neat and tidy. A chance moment while hanging up a coat, throws a curve ball from the dark corner of the closet.

I think a few of my roommates were moonlighting in the import export business of white elephants.

And though it may be true that certain white elephants reappear under the tree after a spite with freedom, there’s always a door to put them out again…. and a trash can… It is okay… Maybe it got into the recycle bin my mistake. Mistakes happen in the dark.

Away White Elephants is the topic for this coming Saturday’s show. Tune in.. 9:00 to 9:30 am.

There’s only room for so much under the tree. That space is reserved from dreams and dreams coming true.

Clearing the space under the tree and putting my wishes to the universe.



~ by jnetsworld on December 10, 2007.


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