turning three

Turning Three

Jnetsworld is a toddler and is definitely getting into new things, exploring the world of possibilities. Thanks to many encouraging words from readers, the love and support has expanded me to stretch beyond writing. I am now practicing my public speaking at Romancing LA.

FATHER WOLF: “Jnet shares of her self and we are the richer for it.”

GABRIEL2178: “Another fantastic example of a stumbler with a point of view who knows how to get it across. Fantastic photos and a real insite into a fantastic mind. A must for people looking for real people on the internet.”

EVOLUTION RULES: “JNET has a golden heart and writes a lovely, personal journal.”

SYNCOPATE: “I feel uncomfortable reading Jnet’s pages sometimes. I feel like a voyeur. She tells us of her experiences with life in an intimate manner. She sheds layers of consciousness as one might shed one’s clothes. Her desire: to transcend while staying well grounded(?) I could be wrong about that, though. I don’t know. She invites you into her world literally (with a direct invitation) and metaphorically (through her photos, drawings, and prose). We learn that she plays Chopin. I wonder if she plays Liszt’s “transcendental” etudes… If you are willing to challenge your “self,” visit her page.”

OLE-TIMER: “Intellectual while loving the beautiful. Piercingly, enticing with her open mind, but concealing herself very successfully from the lackadaisical.”

DROIDYDOO: “This blog will fire your neurons and drop your jaw :)”


This is where I journal how Life is beautiful especially when it gets messy and chaotic. This is where I practice and create a strategy for being a negativity slayer and this is where I find fellow lemonade makers and rugged angels about the world.

The Future Begins Here” philosophy we share celebrates owning happiness despite circumstance. Life is a work of art. The first year I blogged and wrote poetry and kept my words to myself. The second year I found a community of friends at stumbleupon. And on this third year, I am exploring my voice with a weekly podcast.

Thanks for celebrating three years of blogging. This toddling blog appreciates the world of encouragements. My world becomes more gorgeous meeting kin spirits miles away.

Jnetsworld is an “ode to joy”. Thanks for being part of my music.



~ by jnetsworld on October 23, 2007.


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