a stretch away from solitude

A Stretch Away From Solitude

Slow… slow … quick quick … slow..

Next week is my last week of tango class.. the instructor is going to switch it up to Viennese Waltz to mix things up for a bit this November. So many fun things to do… and so little time!

I am enjoying my teaching practice. My students are a pleasure to be with and I feel energized after my teaching sessions. If I could just only live on music, writing and dance….

I suppose I tried and did not succeed. Not having any hungers other than for art, I pushed my body where I mentally could go but not with my body. I fainted while teaching and spent last weekend in the hospital on a mandatory bedrest.

This week of “taking it easy” has been challenging. ALL of my friends live similarily FULL and intensive lives. How does one slow down on a lifestyle that has been set since before high school? I never was the type to sit down to a ritual of watching television for a couple hours a day. I’ve ALWAYS had rehearsals or some sort of practicing, reading or projects to immerse myself into….

Today is Sunday…a do nothing day…. I’m skipping out of attending rehearsal and I’m going to enjoy quiet and relaxation… Maybe enjoy a good laugh with a friend or even watch a funny movie 🙂

Slow… slow… quick quick… slow…

Enjoying the slow parts dancing with life….



~ by jnetsworld on October 21, 2007.


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