snake at a picnic

Snake At A Picnic

A venomous conversation.

That is what it felt like to be in the presence of J, a woman who wrapped herself around a person tightly before biting. I ran away for safety from her ‘friendship‘ years ago and was happy when she moved out of state.

She found me again this past weekend at a picnic she knew I would be attending. She came upon me like a snake in the grass. First, she sat among my cousins and made trivial conversation and then asked about me.

“J is looking for you. She was asking questions.” they warned me.   I eventually spotted her and unfortunately found I was already targeted. Not wishing to have to entertain a conversation with someone I had clearly broken ties with, I wondered if she would be able to read that I didn’t exactly have a welcome mat posted in front of me for her.Wouldn’t half a dozen people sent to me as messengers and ignored be clue enough?It wasn’t. After all her messengers failed at their mission, she took it upon herself to force an audience with me.

J: “I’ve been asking around for you.”

JNET: “I know.”

J: “It’s been several years and I am not sure what exactly happened between the two of us but I wanted to thank you for one of the best summers I had in my life.”

JNET: “Hmmfff”

If you didn’t notice before, snakes smile. Her side of the conversation consisted of flattery and self-promotion.  I did not ask about her life and I was keen on keeping mine private from her. Any good friend of mine knows that I am free and at ease if I am expressing myself freely and enthusiastically as well as asking lots of questions to share conversation. She met a guarded JNET and did not care nor did she keep in memory the many things she had done to betray me in the past that warranted:

My roommate putting her foot down that J was not a welcome guest for she felt J had ulterior motives.

Several close friends approaching me with concerns about my “family friend’s” questionable behaviors behind my back.

And finally, long distance calls from business associates, with their concerns about my friend who was saying things to undermine my reputation. This was not the way I like things in my grown up world and J was a bully in a playground. Luckily, I have very protective friends and associates and I am respected.

J and I ended our connection after she admitted her lack of integrity.  She became very angry with me when I wouldn’t forgive her pretensions and after I told her I could not support her indiscretions. Even if I took away everyone else’s testimonies against her, the insults she vigorously and personally gave were enough to condemn her.

And so she was ousted… clearly. Within a space of 6 months, she had released so much poison in my world that I could swim in it and my friends too.  I was somewhat surprised at her “innocence” in asking where our friendship had gone. The way she talked to me did not surprise me after. She did try to wrap herself around me and take a squeeze. Snakes do smile and they bite out of fear.

Fearful, smiling creatures are dangerous. J was looking for a hot, sunny spot to bathe herself in and found an artic shade. Then she tried to bite hoping to get my blood going but I deflected her and didn’t want any drama in front of my family.

“Have a nice life.” She bade me.

“Have a nice life.” She bade my mother.

“Have a nice life.” She bade my cousins.

And then she slithered away.



~ by jnetsworld on October 3, 2007.


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