aren’t we a pair

Aren’t We A Pair

The mathematician said hello yesterday evening.

The ironies of Life never cease to amaze me.

We toasted to J and C last night at a concert in Descanso Gardens. J and C brought two extremely busy and resistent people, myself and the mathematican to a lunch several years ago. Our respective relationships with J and C disintegrated (putting it lightly) but nonetheless, I loved the irony and thought it worthy of a toast.

In the spirit of Mozart’s playfulness, we lifted our cups to defy past enmities while The Marriage of Figaro played. If ever I was to describe a cosmic explosion, then I have to say that such happened the day I met this enigmatic man. I once thought romantic love was a plebeian pursuit that brought less than ideal realizations.

The world shook again as I sat at his side and wondered where the white rabbit was. I enjoyed my evening in wonderland and wish I could find my way there. Why can’t I find it without the mathematician? A part of me still wants to deny that he has such power.

There were some days that the mathematician seem more mythical than real. And the times I see him, reality feels fantastic.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

“Do you want to discuss metaphysics?”

“We can discuss nonsense or metaphysics, as long as we enjoy ourselves.”

“So who was supposed to be your date tonight had I not come?”

“I had no date planned. S called last night to say he was playing in the orchestra and that he had a couple of tickets. I hadn’t spoken to him in several months. This evening purely came out of spontaneity.”

I didn’t expect my invisible muse to make an appearance. I had grown comfortable with my epistolary hellos and never expected anything more than he be a listener and quiet force in my life.

Last night at the garden, all I could think of… was…

“Aren’t we a pair?”

It was perfect. Two ascetics trying to navigate the terrain of a date. We laughed a lot and then we kissed goodbye.

Onto the romance of Life….

Hopefully, I will see my mathematician again.



~ by jnetsworld on September 10, 2007.


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