summer serenade

Summer Serenade

I did not fall madly in love and get swept away into a world of romance this season. Instead I found my song; my inner melody.

I like it. I can dance to it and find that energy that leads and smiles as we go around the floor…. never letting me trip or fall.

I romanced Life this summer and despite uncertain moments, I never did let go of the embrace that held me through out the song. Tap tap, a passing suitor tried to grab my attentions. A couple of fellows tried to interrupt dances out of selfish ambition. The confusion of a moment did not destroy the rhythm and I found myself back in step and the gaze of my serenader gentle.

I am being serenaded by love, kindness and patience. What harmony can be made with noise?

I did not fall madly in love and find a summer romance. I found men who gave me flowers who loved to eat roses. I found men who looked at jewelry as leashes and never understood sparkle. I found men that insisted on a dance but only knew the mosh pit and not a ballroom.

Funny, despite the disruptions; I found myself. I found my melody, my song and that it was Life that wishes to romance me.



~ by jnetsworld on September 6, 2007.


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