designer guilt

Designer Guilt

Last week’s show at people shared about pressing forward in life despite having breakdowns and taking on Life’s lessons. Is the lack of a specific ingredient the cause of Inertia or Stagnancy in Life? Does Life get any easier EVER?

What moves mountains toward change? Curiousity, boredom, guilt, desire for more out of life … are factors… But what is it exactly that projects ALL that?

The discussion lead to talking about Guilt, something that slows down progress… sometimes to a standstill.

What is Guilt? Does it come from an organization, a building, a special interest group? How did it get “fashionable” for some groups that there is now Jewish guilt, Catholic guilt, perfectionist’s guilt, etc?

It’s more than that Uh-Oh feeling. I’m talking about that lingering weight that hangs heavier than any gray cloud. I’m talking about that incessant voice that nags and belittles. It whispers. It screams.

How did that voice get in there? In our heads? Where did we find that voice?

Is it the voice of mom; spurning a statement of disappointment? Is it the voice of FATHER; an anvil of judgement? Is it the voice of the others that you’ve surpassed or survived; voices indignantly declaring that you SHOULDN’T have lived that accident or that you DIDN’T DESERVE that promotion?

Whatever GUILT is, some know its voice louder than others.

But is it fair to say it comes from mother, from father, from around us? Is it doing one any good this Jewish guilt, Catholic guilt, white guilt, survivor’s guilt? There are SO MANY type of guilt that you can try on a new one every day and not go OUT OF STYLE.

But is it your fashion? How does guilt play in the designer’s mind when you’re working on making your life a work of art? Why paint depression or frustration into life?

If only you didn’t go to church or have religious parents…
If only you didn’t have such a sensitive consciousness to goodness…
If only you weren’t so focused on wanting to do things perfectly and right….

WHY THEN it would be easy to not be racked with guilt.

Can life be any easier?


Check out Designer Guilt on blogtalkradio.


~ by jnetsworld on August 26, 2007.


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