I Love Miniature Books

I visited the “4000 Years of Tiny Treasures” exhibit on miniature books at the Boston Public Library. If you haven’t seen the enchanting collection, you have until September 2nd to catch a glimpse of these precious gems.

I rarely leave home without a book… I had no idea that it is possible to fit a modest library in a coin purse. The Koran, the Good Book, the complete works of Shakespeare, and an illustrated miniature book by Picasso (he made only two) sat under the glass like jewels on display. Many were gilded in gold, bound in leather and colorful with intricate art design.

It felt like I was given a peek into a fairy queen’s private collection. They held a magical quality and I wanted to touch them, give them a read through and let the spell of a tiny book take me to its little world. Anne C. Bromer, the “fairy queen” of the collection shared a beautiful and rare collection.It was my last day in Boston before returning to Los Angeles that I saw the “Tiny Treasures” exhibit and I still think of those books. They are indeed enchanting.The exhibit continues through September 2. Go before the fairies take it back to their world!



~ by jnetsworld on August 15, 2007.


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