take the spotlight, i like how the light falls on me right here

Take the Spotlight I Like How The Light Falls On Me Right Here

While I watch the frantic fight for center stage quietly from the wings, I begin to learn things about this place called Los Angeles. Not only is the sun searing, forcing the natives to “dress down” and provocative becomes banal but so is the competition for survival that hunger lends to a predatory dynamic.

The sexy shock value, the forced “larger-than-life” personalities and utter confusion that follows some people here makes for some interesting navigating. No, not everyone here is nuts.

I’ve learned that the millionaire next door switched on survival mode will have a lot in common with the starving artist. They both will fight and people on survival mode have no time to contemplate values or doing good for their fellow man. They’ll do their “goodness” AFTER they are rich and famous.

I’ve been taught that money is NOT evil rather that it magnifies and exposes the qualities a person ALREADY has. A generous spirit is not borne overnight especially after years of stepping on people and other neurotic behaviors that steam roll over one’s beloved humankind.

I wish I didn’t have to gain an education on “steam rollers in my neighborhood” but perhaps that is LIFE. Maybe there are nutty people everywhere fighting for plates of recognition. Meanwhile, I step back… I’m not part of the same cast… of this sad comedic carnage. I entertain thoughts of moving. I go out and make new friends and am constantly throwing hungry lions out the door.

Life sometimes feels like a circus. Sometimes I get to walk around with cotton candy and other times, I have to crack a whip and manage a lion cage.

What would be REALLY nice is if I found someone to watch life with and laugh. Because there is more to life than survival…. especially at my circus.



~ by jnetsworld on July 26, 2007.


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