back in the bay of magic

Back in the Bay of Magic

Nevermind that I was delayed in Denver for 5 hours. I finally landed in Boston long past the midnight hour. After a couple of bevvies, I bid my host goodnight and rested.

Today, K and I strolled Newbury and I found it easy to fall in love with Boston all over again… the air of confidence, creativity and pride. Before I romanced life in Los Angeles, I had a love affair with Boston.

“When are you moving back?” Is the question everyone asks.

Someday is what I think but my visit makes me want to say the answer is “As soon as I can.”

I’m enjoying a comfortable life in Los Angeles with a world I adore. I’ll make my way to Boston when its a feasible upgrade.

But the vibe is definitely beautiful. I hung out at my friend’s local “Cheers” where at least a dozen folks made way to our table during the course of the evening to chat and say hello. The conversations ranged from discussing politics, the media, physics, technology and music…. not light-weight topics but definitely discussed in a light-hearted manner. The beers and sangria helped. Maybe the garden gnomes too.

‘Where people know your name.’ is Boston for me. While walking down Boylston from the Public Garden, I bumped into a friend of mine.

“Hey, I lost touch with D. She hasn’t answered my emails.” he said.

“No way. Well you connected me to her a couple of years ago. Let’s give her a ring.”

I let him catch up with her on my cell phone while I enjoyed watching folks stroll by, current students coming out of the Berklee Performance building; a pair of Japanese guys playing Brazillian beats on a drum.

I was charmed by a mix of nostalgia and anticipation. It would be so easy to call Boston home once again.



~ by jnetsworld on June 29, 2007.


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