the illusion of cycles

The Illusion of Cycles

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Maria Robinson

N: “JNET, I am stuck in a cycle.”

After some thought, something dawned on me.

JNET: “N, is it possible to consider that the cycle does not exist. Perhaps the cycle is a superstition.”

A superstition? Those cycles of failures in life, one’s shortcomings… a superstition?

Why not? Some people follow superstitions for good luck, some create the opposite.

It seems more expansive to take on a spiral paradigm, that one’s slinky is either ascending or descending… depending on where one intends to move along… Whether one progresses or not is not a cycle… it’s inertia.

To believe in only seeing the recurring “cycle” of life’s failures and mishaps sounds like a way to adopt superstitious notions and dropping one’s power… and responsibility…

SUPERSTITION: an irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear
Some thoughts to play with.


“do not bend the spoon, that is impossible”

there is NO spoon


~ by jnetsworld on June 19, 2007.


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