again, rest eludes me

Again, Rest Eludes Me

Next week I leave for Boston.

It is my favorite place to be alone though I have many friends there and Boston seems to be the only place I actually relax for a span of time that extends over 24 hours.

Why do I have such a terrible time at un-winding?

Maybe because in Boston, I don’t have to worry about driving. All work is satisfying and my training is better respected.

I have wonderful friends everywhere but the feeling that I have a less strong leg to stand on the western coast unsettles me. In the east coast, my students commuted through snow and rain to make their commitments whereas in sunny CA, I have students that cancel or quit on a lark because they “feel that they need to” and some demand that I owe them a lesson…. on my free time.

Such students lowers my morale. Funny how tiny splinters can make great pains.

It takes me some time to recover. Fortunately, the majority of my students are excited about having more time to play and practice over the summer…. one has requested a lesson every day for the last week of school as she prepares a “gift” for her teachers.

I wake up early hours to broadcast two shows a week and write… I practice and study and prepare during the morning. I teach through the afternoon and evening… I see my friends in the later evening.

Enjoying the positives that give me energy, I get flattened by car issues and cancellations. Sometimes a student has no idea what I had to go through to make it to my time with them.

What would the world be if everyone actually kept their word and their commitments?

Would Life have less traffic jams?



~ by jnetsworld on June 18, 2007.


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