thinking outside the laundry basket

Thinking Outside the Laundry Basket

“Love conquers all and it helps to have a really good lawyer.”

Miss Diva and I broadcasted a show to commemorate Loving Day.

The “Lovings” were an actual couple that “broke” the law by being married. They were jailed and given the choice of up to three years in prison or leave the state of Virginia for at least 25 years. They were an interracial couple.

It is hard to believe that 40 years ago there were laws in this country that forbade, in most states, the intermingling and marrying of two different races or cultures.

But yes, we separated the colors from the whites and had lived the laundry basket mentality for several generations. Love was a felony way back when to many unfortunate lovers.

It’s been 40 years. Have we evolved as a society? Sadly, I’m seeing a renewed homogenization in some circles. What the Lovings fought for, overcoming struggle, disrespect and insensitivies for the sake of Love humbles me.

Who fights for Love anymore? Silent laws have been self-imposed even though the States may have set us free. Fighting private fears and complacency is the new battleground. To think “outside of the laundry basket” and not fear hot water or that a stray red sock can ruin the world makes sense. A uniform world is not something to be excited about.

Saturday, my show will consider the conversation further… If you want to share some of your laundromat mentality experiences or how you live life outside of the laundry basket, join myself and friends at our breakfast club, Saturday at 9am.




~ by jnetsworld on June 14, 2007.


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