bringing forth new things

Bringing Forth New Things

The champagne days continue in Jnetsworld.

Friends from the past have been gracing my world. I celebrated another birthday lunch with Clarebear who landed in town from San Diego. This week, R will be arriving from Phoenix. A party is planned for his reception on Friday evening.

That’s the news of long ago yesterday and forecasting my future. As for my most recent past… this weekend.

My blogtalk radio show had its maiden voyage. It had some trouble finding its ways out of the docks as I fussed over which buttons to push and when. In the end, I was happy that I didn’t abandon ship (I entertained the idea) and a couple of my dear friends jumped onto the line to make for lively conversation.

My second show will air live next Saturday morning at [] call in to say hello.

I had a shaky beginning. I suppose I needed to make my mistakes to learn. Anyway, my day took off into family fun after the show… I thought I was ready for bed after a late night fun session at my brother’s playing hula hoops with his family. But a call from my other brother came in… His wife and he were heading to the hospital…. seems like their baby didn’t want to wait two weeks for its appointment of arrival.

Off to the hospital we went first thing in the morning. Our whole clan fit into the hospital room and the new baby slept through all the hugging and talking and babbling and crying from the family’s youngest ones.

I was moved. I’ve never been in town when my brothers had their first babies last year. I thought I was tired… Somehow, Life manages to be so fun and fascinating… that I prefer to be awake and sacrifice sleep… I didn’t miss my solitude though I dove into it readily …

Jnetsworld continues toasting to LIFE.



~ by jnetsworld on June 4, 2007.


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