romancing LA: the pursuit of truth

Romancing LA: The Pursuit of Truth

LOS ANGELES: “Paradise with a lobotomy.”

There are no shortages of beautiful neighborhoods to live in, nor beautiful people to look at. But like any other mega-metropolis, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. It sometimes feels like swimming through sea-weed rich water. I sometimes feel weighted down. I sometimes get exhausted by the tides. And I often find strange things float by.

This city is charged by its perpetual sunshine industry, its entertainment industry and all the vanities that follow it. I find comfort in avoiding the traffic, the beach, the clubs, the scenes and can only imagine how taxing it is to keep up with the pace.

There’s still a lot of life to live away from certain “hot spots”. A mindful Angeleno? Yes, navigating through a grid lock of sycophants, lobotomees, alongside studio execs, the normal folks, the occassional cameo celebrity sighting and struggling artists. Daily living is enough entertainment for me that I’ve never had need for a television set.

The theme parks stretch beyond Disneyland. For me, they stretch as far as one is willing to take oneself. And there lies the path I walk.

How far can I walk and yet maintain keeping myself together and not get lost in mental and emotional deserts? How do I enjoy the sun without getting burned? How do I swim through seaweed rich water and not get caught up in the chaos?

The answer doesn’t seem to lie with designer name shoes, a specific SPF or a really cute surfer to save me…



~ by jnetsworld on May 30, 2007.


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