the knights around my table

The Knights Around My Table

“You are a timid little mouse.”

Such was a happy birthday greeting yesterday from someone that I had chosen to refuse affections from. I am often bullied in such a manner. I stand my ground and stubbornly hold my own choosing solitude…. even if someone “offers” the world before my feet.

His sentiment didn’t suit me… He might as well had said “Happy Birthday, you stupid mouse!” I have a tiny list of such “well wishers.”

The world IS before my feet and though I find myself in these surreal moments of discomfort being bullied and baited. It is easy to take on the fight and dry my tears.

There is a saying behind every great man/woman is a great man/woman. I have quite a kingdom of wonderful people that makes for leaving bullies at the gate very VERY easy. It is easy to ignore “promises” of “the good life” when a life is already abundant. And it all began at home with two brothers and a mother who are all very generous in love, encouragement and many countless ways.

My close friends are an extension of what my family taught me. I experience loyalty, respect, generousity and gratitude daily…. and a whole lot of fun. I am surrounded by knights and a royal court.

Contrary to someone’s narrow opinion, I am not a timid mouse. Do timid mice celebrate life like a banquet?



~ by jnetsworld on May 15, 2007.


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