going my way

Going My Way?

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives,

other souls.”

Anais Nin

Despite feeling dizzy, out-of-sorts, and on the edge of a fever, I decided to venture out to Hollyweird for a late night chat with an old friend; Mystic.

Personally, Hollyweird is not my flavor though the natives were amusing. And, of course, I was interested in seeing Mystic after ousting him from my kingdom a couple of months ago. He requested my audience and my stay-at-home and cosy-up-with-a-book plan wasn’t going to work with his restlessness. It was a friendly night. We began the evening at a quiet hookah cafe and had a long, long talk over a badly prepared dirty martini at The Geisha House (chic place… shabby martini)…

JNET: “What do you want or need from me?”

MYSTIC: “What do you mean?”

JNET: “I believe we all have reasons for crossing certain paths and I thought we were complete with knowing one another, having learned as much as we could before we must press on with our respective lives.”

MYSTIC: “I don’t want to disconnect from you. I want to know you. You’re unique.”

JNET: “Everyone’s unique.”

MYSTIC: “Well, I want to keep knowing you and I want you to know me.”

It was good to find the old friend I once enjoyed engaging conversation with. I told him about my adventures with Mr. B, my current crushes, and brought him up to speed with my life. And he enthusiastically shared how he had been growing his business. A lot has happened in two months.

In the end, I suppose I honored his request to remain in my kingdom. If there is anything I admire, it is commitment and persistence that is well articulated in word and spirit.

I don’t think he fully understood how ill I had been feeling before he called when I asked for something for headaches and fever and something sweet and fizzy to drink….

He brought me Motrin, chocolate and a bottle of champagne. ha 🙂

Regardless of misunderstandings, I think Mystic means well. Regardless of misunderstandings, Mystic will try to create a space for understanding to grow our friendship.. He’ll not stand for being a tourist to my world and wishes to be a friend for life.



~ by jnetsworld on May 3, 2007.


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