struck down by the weight of a feather

Struck Down By The Weight of A Feather

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

Mark Twain

The weekend was full of interesting conversations. The most engaging ones happened alone in my head.

With the coaching of Christopher Howard leading a sea of souls through their individual journey, I docked front and center before the stage with my eyes closed like everyone else for the “Forgiveness Exercise.”

Was it a visual meditation? I don’t know how to label the experience. It was profound… and a refreshing break from intensive lectures on neurolinguistic programming, the UNconscious mind, imprinting, hypnosis and the history of personal development technologies, psychology, and psychoanalysis.

In the dark private space of my thoughts, I was asked to bring before my “stage” people I had known through-out my life. We began with childhood friends and then moved through the phases of life, recalling those that we felt we wanted to get complete with and be free of any energetic ties that brought up feelings of disappointment, sadness, hurt, anger, etc…

I was coached to ask these folks on my “stage” if they stood for my personal evolution and spiritual journey… if the answer was yes, they were excused, if not, they remained.

I “asked” each person the question and became present to the overwhelming truth of YES. Yes, they all were a stand for my growth and journey. YES, I was LOVED… for a finite time frame within the Infinite, LOVED POWERFULLY despite the flawed human interactions. And what got between our relationship was human fraility.. baggage… baggage that no one was born with but somehow found along the road. We all became connected due to common ties or common baggage between us but in the course could not or chose not to forge onward. And then we became attached for whatever selfish reasons, validation, security, wanting to avoid lonlines, change which made for very unhappy unattaching…

I got that there wasn’t a single bad, hurtful person in my life. Just hurtful things happened and it was up to me how I wanted to enjoy them in my life and freely detach from past hurts.

The forgiveness exercise took me to many places in my mind and the most profound part was yet to come.

I was then asked to bring back everyone back “onstage” and to look at the web of connection between us. A lot of people had crossed my path and I looked at them floating above like in a dream.

And then I was told to sever the web and free everyone to move on to their own journey.

The stage emptied and the image of the severed web was dramatic… imagine a floor covered with cobwebs. It looked devastating.

As the web started to fade a feather floated down and surprised me.

One solitary feather, bright white, floated down to the empty stage that was now a black void.

And I got that everyone that crossed my life was really an angel (proverbially) and those moments that I attached disappointment and hurt to…. were really lessons.

From the void I was present to love and peacefully said my goodbyes so that I may freely again choose my hellos afresh.

I was struck down by the weight of a feather this weekend and I saw forgiveness with new eyes.



~ by jnetsworld on April 16, 2007.


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