the secret people

The Secret People

What values motivate Oprah? How does the mind of Trump, Gates, and Buffet work? What thought patterns does a billionaire take on and where do I stand within that?

It’s a seminar. It’s a party. It’s a peel yourself like an onion and take stock of your life by kicking your own backside celebration.

Freud’s world of psychoanalysis-years-of-therapy program is grossly outdated by the new technologies of digging into the mind with Christopher Howard’s “Breakthrough to Success” program…. a primer into a world where one can REPROGRAM oneselves from self-defeating habits and create roads towards a life that is open to success quicker than Freud can clean his false wooden teeth and return for your session.

A certain “exercise” reconfigured my emotions over a certain moment within minutes. I cried my eyes over it for a second and was OVER it ENTHUSIASTICALLY. NO, silly, I wasn’t BRAINWASHED… I am on a mission to CLEAN HOUSE.

I had lunch with a woman who cuts million dollar deals as a product developer. She was frustrated that she kept hitting an income ceiling of $200,000 a year. She felt capable of more and wanted to study herself and see how she can bump herself up.

Would it be worth it to you to spend a weekend to focus and get down and dirty with your limiting thoughts? It was for me.

I had lunch with a retired toy designer from Mattel. He was wondering how he might enjoy his retirement and be productive at the same time. He’s retired at age 42. He has a lot of life to yet be creative but in a different way.

I had lunch with a musican. He has several projects on the go and wanted to get clear with steps towards future goals to record and tour… as well as publish a book he’s working on.

I attended because I have a book I’m writing and wish to have a complete and have registered at the writer’s guild by June 1. I’m also looking at finding an illustrator for the cover and self-publishing….and it is a new world to me because I am a music teacher by vocation. I took the course because I knew I had reservations about having my world change QUICKLY and I wanted to prepare my mind for it.

Like anyone in the planet, I deal with life…. I get discouraged or distracted. I deal with thoughts of losing control of my life within the changes. But I WANT the change, I WANT the success, I HAVE SOMETHING TO CONTRIBUTE and the road hits the occasional speed bump. But I will not veer off course.

And so after watching movies such as “The Secret” and “What the Bleep”… after listening to certain progressive radio’s talk show hosts such as Lisa Garr of the Aware Show, after being involved with groups such as T. Harv Ecker, EMI and Landmark and collecting a world of wonderful supportive people, I decided to see what Christopher Howard had to say… He’s part of a circle of people I admire and are teachers in my life…

It was A LOT. A party over neuro-linguistic programming, quantum physics, new technologies in the psychology realm with the Warren Buffet of the personal development field… makes for an intensive day that makes me excited to go for more the next day as I discover things about myself and see ways to realize my goals sooner than later.

Tomorrow is the final day of my 3 day seminar. It’s been quite a revelation AND I did get present to some self-defeating ways of being that is slowing my publishing progress. Keeping up with the language is fast-paced and sophisticated but I’m riding the waves, BABY!

More thoughts tomorrow, after I end my final day at Christopher Howard’s “Breakthrough to Success” Weekend



~ by jnetsworld on April 14, 2007.


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