sliding doors

Sliding Doors

Hello Winking World…

I miss the mathematician… my mythological god of an epic crush. He’s wonderful because he’s thus far managed to be the kindest human being I’ve met… as well as ambitious, sexy and smart. But he sailed off to academia to slay the doctorate dragon.

And so this princess wondered….

Are there more sweet princes in the world? Young kings?

Off sailed away my mathematician and in came the magician; Mystic, with a ready story and twinkling trick to entertain the days away. Entertainment went only so far before I realized the whole program and got bored with the re-runs.

The mathematician represented transformation and grace to me. I could not settle for the lackadaisical world of magic and tricks.

And so, I banished the magician from my kingdom not wishing to tarry my days with the trinkets of false gold and not soon after came along Mr. B, a common man who professed for the good of mankind with lofty ambitions.

Mr. B built wings of ambitous words, words, words but never took flight blaming the weather, the mountain, the unfairness of this and that. I could not find silence in his presence and there was no peace, no present, no blessings to breathe in. I freed him to mind his business and he yelled at me for my snobbery. He never noticed to speak to me until I chose to take leave. And though I requested to leave respectively, I was scorned and spurned. No, Mr. B… I don’t want to be with an angry bird who can’t fly. I am searching for the one who wants to fly me to the moon.

And so the door closes and the door opens and the door closes and the door opens.

My request to the universe?

….the kindest man who has my name in his heart. Will the mathematician return? Are there more sweet princes in the world? Young kings?


~ by jnetsworld on April 12, 2007.


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