me and mr. B

He’s nice. We have a great time and enjoy conversation and music together. And yet I am not inspired beyond cheerful conversation.

123:  “Darwin would love you.” my roommate told me this morning after relaying how Mr. B and I spent the day together.

JNET:  “Who’s Darwin?”

123:  “Charles Darwin, evolutionist… you know, survival of the fittest.”

JNET:  “Of course, that Darwin…a geek for a geek goddess.”

Mr. B and I may have the neural connection to discuss literature, music and science but he doesn’t make me laugh. Hmmmm. G made note of that last weekend while in Palm Springs with a few friends for a getaway. Not many people put me in a goofy, light or side splitting mood.

I guess it’s not very romantic to me but my aloofness does not seem to stave off Mr. B’s persistence. I’ve encouraged him to diversify his prospects noticing that our timing is off. He’s determined to upgrade his friendship position despite having stepped on my toes during his mating dances to get my attentions. He likes that I’m “difficult.”

I am not sure what to make of such reasoning for pursuing love… I’m not some cosmic joke to get. I’m really just a girl that’s been put together just so looking for someone to enjoy and not “get.” Forever would be nice… considering that love is an epic journey for me and not a trip to a local candy store.

I want someone to love for the rest of my life…find a conversation that is continously engaging through different seasons… How outdated maybe. I have friends and family and they fit that bill… as for warm fuzzies and affections… Timing is everything.

I’m curious. What would Darwin predict here?



~ by jnetsworld on March 26, 2007.


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