liberty education: is not for lightweights

Liberty Educaiton: Is Not For Lightweights

Baby, are you saying that this tax conversation is too complicated? Well honey, talking about politics is not for those that rather stay in the crib. When you’re ready, there’s a dirty martini, EXTRA dirty with the best, smooth vodka and the most beautiful olives waiting for you….

Webster Tarpley, of all the speakers at the Freedom Law School Conference seemed to hold the stage like no other. People were willing to let their catered hot gourmet lunch go cold while a man spoke about historical war strategies and governmental pretense toward the public.

“Have you listened to this man before?” the man next to me enthusiastically asked.

“Never.” I confessed. Mind you, I’m the girl who’s listening to Beethoven as I write this blog entry.

Whoever this Webster Tarpley is, I was engaged in his lecture.

“Be familiar with a law dictionary.” … was goood advice. The language of forms are very particular and they tend to lean toward legal dictionary definitions. Very common sense advice.

Mr. Tarpley
spoke of loving a good government was very different from fearing a bad one. And his spouting of information regarding taxes and specific codes and all the misleading one that constitute as a “tax confessional” rather than a voluntary process was DIZZYING to say the least…. but very VERY ENGAGING. I didn’t have a reservation for the gourmet hot lunch. HECK, I wanted the man to speak beyond his allotted time as well and let the food freeze so that I can learn more about foreign policy and what the world (other countries) at large were saying about our country… (It’s not so nice.)

I wrote down ooodles of notes that I won’t decipher here. What I was left with after Mr. Tarpley’s lecture was that he wasn’t very confident of our government and wanted to share his wariness of current politics.

The powers that be are not boy scouts… and they make darth vadar look like a teddy bear.I’m sitting at the bar with the dirtiest martini… damn politics.

Question everything, think for yourself and be an educated citizen was what I gained from the conference…

I’m sitting at the bar with the dirtiest martini… damn politics.

Please watch Loose Change” and From Freedom to Facism to get a primer… Pass on the links (per request of the filmmakers) get in the know and get involved….



~ by jnetsworld on March 23, 2007.


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