delicious and delicate dreams

Delicious and Delicate Dreams

I can still remember the touch of his hand…

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the mathematician. I’ve been busy living my life path and likewise he has been busy away with his rigorous studies.

But last night, I had the best dream of him (besides the sexy one where we ran off to New York) and it was so sweet.

No one seems to flavor a day just like him. His presence… whether in real time or dream time puts me in another space of quiet charm. I didn’t want to wake up from this dream. He was cheerful as usual, ambitious and on the edge of exhaustion but confident and focused…. and stealing a moment that neither of us wanted to ever end.

Guarded – unguarded, pragmatic – cheerful, solitary – ambitious, confident – focused, reserved – generous, restrained – declaring… and sweetly, delicately… deliciously shyly sexy…. My dream brought me back to my mathematician and a delicate kindness that has not been since overshadowed despite an array of enthusiastic suitors. No one seems to flavor a day like him.

I woke up from the dream. Actually my dream was briefly interrupted by a phone call from my mother. My mathematician waited while I told my mom “yes, mom, I did pay that parking ticket.” I had one foot in the dream world and another in the real world. “Gotta go, Mom! Bye!”

I was able to return to the dream where we walked forward sharing red licorice sticks and promising conversations before we parted ways and I was returned to the real world.

I wasn’t sad when I woke up… Isn’t that strange?


~ by jnetsworld on March 22, 2007.


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