stretching lessons

Stretching Lessons

I am tired and restless.

I wish I could lean upon someone and not have to be so strong and steely… Wearing pink and pigtails yet having to lead, or plan or delegate polarizes me. After hearing so many discouraging stories this week, I still choose to believe that water exists for this flower…

Overhead this week…

Girl on dating guy for five years: “I found a girl’s necklace under his pillow. He said it’s been there since he’s moved in. How stupid is that!”

Girl on dating a guy for a year… has housekey and lives there part-time to a girl she found out was dating her guy also for the past year:

Girl 1: “Didn’t you see any of my clothes in the closet? Our pictures?

Girl 2: “No, there was nothing. And I had a key too.”

Girl 1: “You must’ve seen my toothbrush…”

Girl 2: “Was it red?”

Girl 1: “Yes! That’s my toothbrush! He gave that to me.”

Girl 2: “Eww… He gave ME that toothbrush. We’ve been using the same toothbrush.”

I don’t know how their stories end but I do wonder about how they began and the dynamic that enabled deceit to thrive. How do smart and beautiful women, confident in many ways find themselves in such situations?

I almost got caught up in a drama of my own but was saved by my disdained pragmatic way of slicing and dicing up life. Miss Impossible just doesn’t get emotional or attached to anything that doesn’t add up to worthy. While my counterparts couple up to cover the ill-feeling of being alone, I grow great friendships, enjoy my solitude, and look forward to meeting someone who’ll shine in kindness and grace above my dearest friends.

Someone who won’t lie about “unexplained” items in their possession… someone who won’t make me share a toothbrush with the other lover… someone who knows what they want and won’t use fear or intimidation to gain it.

I should “lower my standards” I’ve been told. Shall I live in the state of fear that seems to create more madness into the human condition? Date anyone, someone breathing so that I don’t need to spend Friday night with myself? Stop working on my piano, dance or yoga technique so that I can have a relationship to speak of even if for a brief stint? Chase someone, anyone or let anyone catch me so that I can have a story to gab with the girls?

He’s great, he makes six figures, he doesn’t know what to do with the current girlfriend… go for it!!! Love is scarce, get what you can when you can before it’s too late….

What a way to live…

There are two ways to live; by one’s fears on one’s dreams.

Which way do you stretch?



~ by jnetsworld on March 21, 2007.


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