liberty education: the ex IRS agent speaks

Liberty Education: The EX IRS Agent Speaks

I took a slight departure from my charming little world to “expand” my horizons and attended the Freedom Law School Conference specifically to hear Mr. Joe Banister speak… I learned about him while watching Aaron Russo’s documentary that investigates the history of the IRS, “From Freedom to Facism”.

I was a bit taken back by Mr. Banister. He was very mild-mannered and had that sweet neighbor-next-door-with-the-nice-wife-and-2.5 kids look. He comes from a good family. His brothers are firemen and police officers. His dad was in the military as well as his granddads and Mr. Banister was the rebel that decided to become an accountant when he grew up.

The man has a fascinating story and you can learn more at his blog. While working as an investigator at the IRS he came across a speaker on a radio show that spoke about the “unconstutionality” of the income tax. Having listened and respected the radio show’s host for a couple of years, the IRS man didn’t tune the show off as rubbish but instead ordered the reading materials that the guest speaker offered.

Since he was an investigator, Mr. Banister thought he was doing his job in reading the materials so that he may refute the arguments after doing his research. But since his supervisor wasn’t being helpful in answering his questions to validate the IRS’ position, Mr. Banister found himself at a quandary. The IRS put him on administrative leave followed by his walking papers. Mr. Banister never got his answers as to what specific law Americans were following to pay income taxes and he never received an argument to contest the materials that he was reading on the unconstituationality of the income tax.

And so was born as WHISTLE BLOWER of the IRS.

What a sticky place for Mr. Banister. He shared stories of how shocked at how dirty the fight gets once someone challenges a system… like the IRS FALSIFYING evidence! Since there was no evidence to look at and his life was a bit upside-down for a bit, the IRS took a round of defeat. Mr. Banister is still fighting for the truth. The last thing you think while listening to him is that he’s making it up.

I listened to a quite a few at the Freedom Law School Conference. My head is still spinning. What to make of this information? What to do? Even my reading on the internet has brought up some interesting theories that Mr. Banister is simply a plant working the in tax protestor movement in order to take it down. But in listening to him speak in person, I must say that he looks like a real “joe”. The bottom line is he is a threat to a structure and system that is making billions out of the ignorance and fear of American citizens. Mr. Banister is unafraid to challenge the powers that be and use the law and his rights.

I returned home with a new education. Question everything, think for yourself and be an educated citizen was what I gained from the conference…

Liberty Education… I feel like a baby but I don’t feel vulnerable in a state of ignorant bliss… I have quite a bit to share and I am still digesting the information. I’ll be processing and writing about the speakers over the next week or so…

Please watch “Loose Change” and “From Freedom to Facism” to get a primer… Pass on the links (per request of the filmmakers) get in the know and get involved….



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