power naps and serenity snacks

Power Naps and Serenity Snacks

Pasadena has a piece of paradise at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

March stomped in with a brand new roommate (she’s great) and crash landed a former roommate (she and her boyfriend had broken up and were to no longer play house).

I enjoyed a quirky piece of solitude at a Freedom and Liberties Conference where I took a crash course on politics, listening to speakers on 911 and the controversial income tax system for a zippy weekend (I have yet to process and blog my thoughts…) And returned home for a new round of house guests; my mom and my niece. During their week stay, we spent a day at the Huntington Library and Gardens to stroll gorgeous gardens and art galleries.

What a sane and civilized way to decompress. Time doesn’t exist in such places. Heck, even Los Angeles with its glorious traffic and decadent botox population seem to not cross the boundaries into certain gardens though it may be quite therapeutic to help one get re-centered preferably with multiple visits… Art galleries, music concerts, tea rooms, gardens galore……….A perfect place to JNETSWORLD….



~ by jnetsworld on March 19, 2007.


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