liberty education: a power hour a day

Liberty Education: A Power Hour A Day

The “master of ceremonies” or MC (emcee) of the Freedom Law School Conference was Dave vonKliest, a “conspiracy theorist” according to Glenn Beck of CNN. Have you watched that interview? If not, watch it below.

The host, Glenn Beck is appalling and seems to cater to the Jerry Springer mentality of America… JUST WHAT WE NEED on CNN.

CNN Media reaches all time LOW

Dave vonKliest was a great host though I had never listened to his Power Hour show. He wasn’t at all a “nutty theoriest with no common sense and too much time on his hands” as Glenn Beck degrades him in disrespectful glee.This patriotic “nutty” emcee smoothly handled over a dozen guest speakers who he warmly and respectfully welcomed to the stage ranging from scientists, survivors from the Twin Towers and the Pentagon of September 11 (911), the filmmakers of documentary “Loose Change”, college professors, journalists and formers agents of the IRS.

Dave vonKliest is not afraid to ask hard questions in pursuit of truth. Is that what our popular media represents to us? Are they pursuing scientists and military experts and being respectful and inquisitive listeners? Or are they jabbing at their guests with “witty” oneliners, trying to be laugh factories instead of truth seekers pandering to the interests of sponsors?

Does anyone really WATCH the news? After watching several clips of how the conference’s guests are treated by the popular media, I was thoroughly disgusted by the popular media’s “objectivity” in listening to a guest….If you want a power hour a day to be in the know of what’s going on in the world, consider if the news you follow fills like a “power hour” of knowledge or mindless tripe to entertain and numb…



~ by jnetsworld on March 15, 2007.


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