liberty education: “america from freedom and facism

Liberty Education: “America From Freedom to Facism”

I took a slight departure from my charming little world to “expand” my horizons and attended the Freedom Law School Conference…

A conference about taxes, politics, and international relations??? How absolutely nutty! After having friends fall by the wasteside opting to “GO TO WORK” and take on other activities, it was I left standing to drive to Irvine’s Atrium Hotel for the conference…

I had a moment where I entertained NOT attending. Will I be surrounded by radical wackos from gun country boon valley? I was a bit afraid. I watched “America: From Freedom to Facism” a film by Aaron Russo and found my curiousity coals turned over as conversations with friends heated up over disbelief…

Instead, I was surrounded by many sorts of people, most of them over the age of 50. There were folks in suits, business people and business owners, professors, scientists, religious teachers, self-employed sorts, journalists and creative activists…like the filmmakers of “Loose Change” the movie on 911.

The conference was riveting and I returned home with a new education after listening to enlightening speakers. Question everything, think for yourself and be an educated citizen was what I gained from the conference…

“What? You mean income taxes are voluntary?” “What? You mean, I have rights that I am not exercising and the government is abusing?” “What? The IRS is doing what? The Federal Reserve is what?”

And then some…

A movie brought me to the first door of inquiry…

Director Aaron Russo tears down at the government issued illusion of “freedom” that he declares in his film has enslaved the American people. As a prolific man, his past successes include directing “Trading Places” (eddie murphy) and “The Rose” (bette midler). He’s also managed Bette Midler as well as Manhattan Transfer…. and ran for governor in Nevada in the 90’s.

His creative passion makes no apologies as he uncovers truths that America might find better comfort in ignorance… a world where IRS agents resign from their positions and advocate protesting against a fraudulent tax system, where officials trump on the Constitution and Supreme Court rulings in favor of using brute force as law, and congressman languish over powers-that-be in charge. Issues that beg the question and outrage of “what now?” from viewers.

This man has been getting standing ovations for his movie. What I’d like to know is is everyone beginning to wake up or just beginning to feel how numb they are….

Check out Aaron Russo’s full feature documentary “From Freedom to Facism”

Liberty Education… I feel like a baby but I don’t feel vulnerable in a state of ignorant bliss… I have quite a bit to share and I am still digesting the information. I’ll be processing and writing about it over the next week or so…

Please watch “Loose Change” and “From Freedom to Facism” to get a primer… Pass on the links (per request of the filmmakers) get in the know and get involved….



~ by jnetsworld on March 11, 2007.


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