not everything is fixable

Not Everything Is Fixable

A dream inspired me to action…

It wasn’t a wonka bizarre dream. This one was a bittersweet short film. Maybe I’d title it “Beyond Repair.”

After a year exploring the possibility of Mystic, I decided to drop out and call it a night.. indefinitely. “Everything is fixable,” is his motto. It would be most fair to say that everything was perfect but we didn’t have that sticky power that creates great couples. The friendship was complete in itself and both of us were “beyond”…

There is nothing to fix, nothing broken. What should two perfectly complete human beings that are not compelled to dream of mad eternal futures together do than part ways? We were but notes to an interlude but not the motifs to a symphony.

Somehow, saying goodbye seemed easier to do than press forward. Sometimes, ‘goodbye” is the most honest thing you can say.



~ by jnetsworld on March 9, 2007.


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