the bizarre in my head

The Bizarre In My Head

I slept very well last night.

With the exception that I had a very wonkish nightmare night. I have no idea what to make of it but I thought I’d put the pieces on the table…

I dreamed that my face was sorely bruised. And yet everyone ignored it with uneasy glances. I dreamed of weird elevators under parks and fire stations. The one going down opened onto a slide… the one going back up, you had to slide yourself into something that looked like a mail slot.

I dreamed of people living in worlds surrounded by chainlink fences with openings that no one seemed to be curious over…

I woke up happy anyway thinking…. hmmm that was bizarre. What was that?

Was I upset that my “pain” was being ignored? No. What stood out to me was the pains that people went to ignore feeling… feeling connected to themselves and feeling beyond themselves.

The covert elevators led to unpleasant places but nothing that I couldn’t walk away from… even if I had to lie down and slide to get away. What was remarkable to me was that people were having picnics by the elevators, knew they were there and hoped someone else would do the investigating for them. They were happy within the boundaries placed around them, even though there were gates to step away…

I had a wonka night.

If you see the elevators, take them. They aren’t too scary. If you’re into amusement parks, it’s pretty tame.


~ by jnetsworld on March 8, 2007.


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