manifestation march

Manifestation March

I have a “temporary” roommate.

After having rigorously grown my income so that I can enjoy independence and solitude, I came upon an emergency and decided to take in a guest to smooth out the bumpy financial ride.

MOM: “Congratulations, honey on finding a roommate.”

JNET: “I didn’t want a roommate mom. This is temporary while I get some business in order. Getting a roommate is like putting myself in a stinking nursing home… that’s what you do when it’s difficult to take care of yourself.”

In another conversation, someone told me that a relationship would be better because sharing expenses makes life easier. ICK. ICK. ICK!!!!

Am I the ONLY person hearing the undercurrent message of “living for convenience” here???

Though “co-dependency” is mutually beneficial, I want to be the last in line to cheer for it. I told my new roommate that she had six months to get herself organized and acquainted with her new city. She can learn to fly from a nest that I promise as a safe headquarters to brainstorm but that I didn’t want to feel like I was in a relationship where she was scared to go out on her own.

She will learn to fly…. even if it takes kicking her out of the nest. She’s ambitious and has a plan. I think she’ll be just fine.

I also don’t want to get lazy or feel the illusion of “security” through her “convenience”. I don’t want to teach myself over the next season that I NEED a roommate to survive.

I have also put demands on myself to get creative and in a more powerful position to play this life game. My school of life conversations are centering around growing a more solid business, completing a project and self-publishing, learning how to grow something in the asset column of my baby financial world and thriving in the midst of process.

I just got a “temporary” roommate. March will not be the month that I learn how to be lazy. March is the month I keep on purpose for the next season to manifest dreams that are not about convenience but rather of abundance.



~ by jnetsworld on March 1, 2007.


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