my blue heart

My Blue Heart

This is how people look to me. Some are brighter and clearer than others and we all are blurry as we learn to make sense of our selves and one another.

I am looking for my heart that stands out to me. Some chase the brightest one or the one in the center. Some pick their favorite color. Which one would you choose?

Do you see my favorite heart? It is the blue one on the left; the one that stands alone. That heart is the most attractive to me. It is clear and not as bright as the others. But the blue heart to me is the leader here. And the other hearts are brighter because my blue heart does that to others. He humbly builds others and looks to them with delight. He’s like a cherished conductor to an orchestra.

Which one is me?

I’m the bright, white heart and I shine so much because the blue heart makes me glow. But I’m too bright and blurred because I’m working on becoming clear and learning how to concentrate and shine inward. That’s me learning about discipline and focus, having a party in my mind because I met a blue heart. When I learn to be more focused and disciplined I’ll shine inward like my blue heart.

I also have to shed the blur of gold hearts that cling to me too. I sometimes attract hearts that insist in being too close to me… they are even blurrier. All they see is me and they think my energy is theirs unaware of their intrusions in the space of the well-intentions.

What will the future look like?

My heart will be closer to the blue heart and I will help others shine brighter than me. Everything will be clear and bright.


How I love my blue heart.



~ by jnetsworld on February 26, 2007.


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