life is HOT

Life is HOT

After having my nerves get a bit of a rattle this week from having a blowout while driving on the freeway. I found myself crying while driving this week.

Fear is such an irrational thing.

I purchased four brand new tires. Did I purchase security? Didn’t work. I had to force myself to drive this week and work through my emotional impulses. And I am someone that LOVES to drive… I’m just dealing with some new baggage I picked up after narrowing escaping a violent end to myself. I’m on a mission to get rid of this extra cargo.

Anyway, I threw two impromptu little get togethers earlier this week as well as had 4 out of town visitors in the past 48 hours. My bestfriend from high school who also was my roommate when we went away to college visited Thursday. Her husband just got a full time position to teach at a local community college. I am so looking forward to being able to hang out with her when she moves to Los Angeles permenantly in the fall. Today, my cousin came up from San Diego for the day en route to Las Vegas and another friend came up from San Diego to have dinner with me. .

Did I mention that my apartment building also had a little fire this morning?

Yeah… yup yup yup… Mr. Fire Chief was here in less than 5 minutes… everything was under control lickety split. I was one of the few people home so lucky me was the one to relay messages to the management office and post signs around the building not to do laundry.

Whoever was using the dryer last fried their knickers.

It’s been a full week. a FULL week. Champagne, friends, yoga, friends, near car accidents, baby baptism, family, dance performance, friends, a fire and teaching. Never a boring moment…



~ by jnetsworld on February 17, 2007.


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