commanding the mood

Commanding the Mood

I was greeted with a mixed bag of bittersweets for Valentine’s Day yesterday. Ambivalent “Happy Single Awareness Day” greetings from “singles” as well as sweet Happy Heart Day greetings from my students and their parents.

I do have my crush (sigh… the mathematician)   I haven’t seen him in like FOREVER. AND I don’t think there is anything WRONG or BAD with that. Isn’t it a good thing to enjoy solo thoughts and living? I’ve been living a pretty full life without a boyfriend in constant tow.

Once I finally nest and set up house, my solo thoughts will be on a new routine. I have yet to grow (up) HA! blossom and be inspired to that next phase of life.

Yesterday, I listened to a few singles complain and rant about V day.

“It’s just another day. Who cares?”

They are jaded over the holiday before having fallen in love.

Where OH where….is that simple innocence of just being happy over the promise and romantic notion that love exists and appreciating the different shades of love that Life blesses one is already amazing?

Last night, I had a champagne evening with friends. We toasted to our futures of great promise and enjoyed an evening of gratitude. Where other singles might have chosen to poop on the promise of love, my friends toasted to a future of more love and had a great night to not boo hoo our single life away in self-pity.

To those that were filled with bitterness and loneliness, I have to wonder how does one somehow believe that happiness is dependent on someone else and not one’s own self?

How can one finally celebrate and enjoy love when one does not believe life has so much promise and already there are things to be grateful for? If you think cynically about love, what will you create in your future versus if you thought otherwise?

I command my mood and enjoy my life and look forward to it further unfolding. My friends and I celebrated a happy night, being single, and aware…

AWARE: informed; alert; knowledgeable; sophisticated

It’s a good thing to be a sophisticated happy single…. YES? I think it’s SEXY!!!



~ by jnetsworld on February 15, 2007.


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