we’ve captured cupid and he’s OUR slave!!!

We’ve Captured Cupid and he’s OUR slave!!

Looking Forward to ANOTHER Happy Single Awareness Day???

We ARE!!!!

I’ve notoriously avoided being monopolized for St. Valentine’s Day. No, I’m not ANTI-ROMANTIC. It’s a day that is just TOO important to throw to a practicing true love.

Being a hopeful romantic,  it makes sense to celebrate love as a party… just like grade school when love seemed more unconditional and less totalitarian… hmmmpf

ANYWAY, here at the JNETSWORLD ranch, for Valentine’s Day 2007, I’m planning another fun night with friends to celebrate being single, unjadedly optimistic and full of promise over future love.

We’re taking over a local bikram yoga studio and claiming it as the beginning of a “hot” evening. If you’re a los angelino and you want to join our posse, meet us at Studio City Bikram Yoga for the 8pm class. 🙂

This is for those joining us tomorrow….

A couple of things to smooth out the evening.

Remember a towel, little washcloth and lots of water 🙂 And a yoga mat…. bring a spare to share if you have one 🙂

If you arrive by 7:30 we can squish into one or two cars or more if need be and go to the 8pm class. Otherwise, if you miss us, you will need to meet us at bikram yoga of studio city.

Pray for your parking karma when coming to my place, parking is a premium find but not hopeless.

IF you are passing on doing a yoga class (because you are a WIMP!) or just prefer to join us to hang after yoga 🙂 Class gets out at 9:30 pm. I will possibly have a friend home to greet your lazy ass.

Bring me flowers, a card, and champagne! Just kidding;)

Bring whatever you wish to show off and share… bring valentines if you wish (the kind you and your mom filled out the night before Valentines Day) but most of all, bring your cool sweet self!!!


PS… Drive safely, there will be crazy, mean couples clogging up the roads with their loveless road rage.

Happy Single Awareness Day!


~ by jnetsworld on February 13, 2007.


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