miss valentine

Miss Valentine

“Why don’t you JUST PICK SOMEONE!?!” Is a question occasionally put to me.

It’s a funny and curious demand.   I am simply enjoying the delightful ride of life. The valentine vise grip of expection is approaching and I’ve already planned for an evening at home with friends thus escaping fulfilling pretentious airs over romance.

I’m going to be everyone’s Miss Valentine, giving everyone a pretty card and treat just like third grade in Mrs. Comiak’s class.


Pick is an awful word. Let Mr. Webster elaborate why I’ll not PICK…


1) to choose or select from among a group
2) to seek and find occasion for; provoke
3) to steal the contents of
4) to open (a lock) with a device other than the key, as a sharp instrument or wire, esp. for the purpose of burglary.
5) to detach or remove piece by piece with the fingers
6) to pierce, indent, dig into, or break up (something) with a pointed instrument

You get the idea. PICK is not a pretty word in JNETSWORLD. The nuances around the word are manipulative.

For this coming Valentine’s Day, I have a choice valentine who I’ve been crushing on for awhile (the mathematician). But our ships have not crossed. Therefore, I will delight in my own journey, making a splash with life, enjoying the possibilities.

Come over if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day like you did in third grade when V Day was a day of friendship, innocence and promise. Everyone felt loved because everyone just loved everyone (by those cute tiny cards with sweet endearments by Strawberry Shortcake or Sponge Bob)

If you’ve been fortunate to be chosen and feel chosen or have the confidence and good fortune to have found someone to choose – then Valentine’s Day is just a day with frosting on top of your cake of life.

I’m baking a cake for now.



~ by jnetsworld on February 9, 2007.


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