angelic babies and naughty mommies

Angelic Babies and Naughty Mommies

I attended my first ever 1-year-old birthday bash, my niece’s. I brought G along to share the special day with and to gleefully generate a bit of scandalous stares. (No, he’s NOT my boyfriend… and yes, I know he’s totally HOT but if you’re interested in him, he’s one of the best human beings I know that walk this earth and he is available.)

Baby R seemed to have a happy day. I don’t think she realized the reason for all the people hugging and kissing her was to celebrate her. But there was one moment while everyone gathered to sing happy birthday to her… there seemed to come a second of recognition when awe and delight came across her eyes that the cake, candle, clown and 100 guests was all for her. She even looked quite touched by the sentiment.

She, of course, in her baby attention span forgot about it within 30 seconds.

I caught up with many friends and family extensions during the party. My brother’s celebration of his new baby and sweet wife brought many folks we haven’t seen since the wedding. Meanwhile, other cousins and such brought their brand new babies as well. The house was swimming with joyful cuteness.

A childhood friend even dressed up as a clown and did his magic act as well as created balloon animals but the crowd was yet too young that he entertained US big kids, teaching us how to do the magic tricks and sharing his experience with clown training. I made sure to go all out with getting my face painted and got a watch and ring painted on myself and wore the biggest balloon hat creation that he created.

As for the naughty mommies….

The babies were adorable and a household of newbie parents was charming. The naughty mommie was mi madre; the queen matriarch herself, of whom I have some concerns.

How did I turn into the parent?

Anyway, mom is hanging out with a new crowd and is getting a gossipy mean streak with them. She didn’t know I could hear her friends and her gab across the room. I rubbed my fingers and gave her the “shame shame shame” symbol to which she came across to me and asked.. “Can you hear us talking, honey?”

“Of course, mom, and you are not talking nice. I don’t think you are speaking fairly.”

I have yet to connect to mom later this week. I want to think further how to approach her “new mean spirit” of being. If it was me during my teens, she would’ve grounded me from hanging out with a questionably nefarious crowd….

Anyway, I will be in San Diego again this coming weekend to be with D for his father’s funeral. I was happy and surprised to see him at my niece’s party though she is his god-daughter. It was good to catch up with him a bit and the circle of bestfriends was complete for my brother. What a circle of devotion!!!

So there, Life is good. Birthday parties, funerals, friends, and family. In the space of inperfection, it is all perfect all the same.



~ by jnetsworld on January 22, 2007.


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