ss: love… love… love… for me?

Perhaps I am too pragmatic for romance. My passions seem to follow notes and words. Perhaps if I met a musician with a flair with words… or a wordsmith who adored music… or something in between.

I know it’s all my fault. All the sweet attentions I get from my suitors.. (I don’t do the boyfriend thing… instead…doing the fall in love by centrifugal force.. gaining fascinating observations!)

I find myself enjoying a book as better company or my piano. My patient admirers chuckle to themselves as they bump up against theirselves in dealing with me.

But perhaps that is the beauty of the process. I learn about a few wonderful people. Being mindful not to wear on dating pretense, I am happy with mutual admiration and being platonic.

I always find myself thankful to be able to say goodnight and close the door. It would not be a good thing to be distracted by something that doesn’t inspire me. Romance is not a good place to practice “charity.” It seems to be the way of many though… to give love to neediness in order to be “generous”…. and then walk away saying “I never loved her.”

As much as I love my solitude, I do wonder if I could sanely share a happy silence with someone to punctuate special moments with…. What I would do though to find someone absolutely engaging and endearing… someone to admire and celebrate. I would like to find someone to promise a safe place who’ll not wish to ever consider being reckless with my heart nor others.

Oh well… the future has yet to unfold… I suppose I’m saving my kisses until then.



~ by jnetsworld on January 10, 2007.


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