the voice of reason vs. buying into fear and anger

The Voice of Reason vs. Buying Into Fear and Anger

We all have our gut feelings about things.

I tend to gravitate to voices of reason that are calm and leave choice without engendering negativity. Anti-movements versus pro-movements have different flavors. I’d rather attend to a talk where tapping into inner power is central versus a meeting where people gather to complain about the powers that be.

Complaining versus creating worlds of possibility….

I’ve scheduled meetings with colleagues to begin at 10pm or later and enjoyed brainstorming sessions with friends into the wee hours of the night.

Anyway, complaining tends to make me tired… something about it literally steals my wind. I tend to avoid complainers and stop my friends on their mindtrack of being stuck and taking me there to humor their misery.

Have you ran circles with a friend late at night on the phone and gotten nowhere except to understand that they were attached to their drama and wanted a new person to subsidize the drama with them? I don’t give open accounts to emotional vampires…. not after learning from past bites.

Please bear with my preamble 🙂

So, here I am, just your friendly quirky girl next door. I come from a pretty good family that has survived some pretty nasty rollercoaster dramas that we manage to laugh about NOW… seeing “dysfunction” as a temporary breakdown of communication and not necessarily a permanent condition…

My mother is at church EVERY DAY doing rosaries and community work whereas these past couple of years I’ve chosen to spend my quiet time within myself (with God minus the building and community gatherings).

I enjoy visiting different spirit communities. To me, it’s quite an artistic concert of intention. Having watched different orchestras and conductors as well as observing many music ensembles and their leaders, its always a pleasure to see the many ways that love and community is created.

So if rock speaks to you, don’t complain at a Bach concert and try to make everyone as miserable as you. If a cappella music bores you after an hour, find what you’re looking for. The world is full of drum and bass.

Perhaps, it is mean of me to think this way but the phrase… “if it’s too hot, then get out of the kitchen.” applies.

A person had left a comment on my mirror blog at blogspot. Given the chance to check out their own blog, I took it. And found an ANTI-OPUS DEI blog.

Of course I read through many of the entries… but I do most of my reading between the lines and this is what I came up with…

If a person declares themselves as a former member of 20 years, wouldn’t they have some personal anecdotes or accounts to share? I’ve been writing for over two years on my blog and you’ll read everything from parties with my friends, thoughts over my work and trips out of town. Any person can get a sense of who I am and see a bit of my life…

I am a bit wary of this “drake” whose anti site is very ONE-DIMENSIONAL having a wealth of links to other ANTI opus dei websites. This person “drake” has an obvious agenda but doesn’t back it with at least a personal sob story… a personal anything for that matter.

Which led me to believe that the site was not a real BLOG but rather… an ADVERTISEMENT… or in this case… ANTI-ADVERTISEMENT.

I listen to voices of reason… and not advertisements to buy fear and anger.



~ by jnetsworld on January 9, 2007.


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