sacrifices for growth and greatness

Sacrifices for Growth and Greatness

I brought up the issue of “self-mortification” during my time with L, an Opus Dei member.

Let’s define this “religiousese” word:

MORTIFICATION: the practice of asceticism by discipline to overcome desire and to strengthen the will.

Bearing sacrifice makes one not take for granted that which one aspires toward..a sense that one can overcome their desires and grow in strengthening one’s will.

A dancer spends years of countless hours to develop grace and strength, bending their body in positions not natural yet making it look effortless after years of practice, a musician’s technique is no accident… controlling independent fingers to be agreeable and expressive is not easy… and the writer, artist and athelete grows their greatness in the spaces of solitude. Conversations are exchanged for silence so that creativity has a clearing.

And so I understood, L’s practice of “self-mortification” …. “small sacrifices” in order to grow self-discipline, mindfulness of the inner conversations, and appreciation of life by creating struggles to humble one from being attached to personal suffering. It’s the lessons and creativity that one is embracing… not the “pain.”

Without mindful focus on balance, the artist and athelete could injure themselves if they blindly allow ego to drive them into a maschoistic regime… and such mindfulness is required of spiritual exercise as well. A trained musician and a coached athelete knows which boundaries to push to challenge oneself.

The fruits of these sacrifices can be seen by what a person produces… is their life a work of artistry and excellence… or as the people of Opus Dei strive for… a work of God.



~ by jnetsworld on January 9, 2007.


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