i am uncompromising

I Am Uncompromising

1. a settlement of differences reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims, principles, etc., by reciprocal modification of demands.

2. the result of such a settlement.

3. an endangering, esp. of reputation; exposure to danger, suspicion, etc.: a compromise of one’s integrity.

4. to expose or make vulnerable to danger, suspicion, scandal, etc.; jeopardize

5. to make a dishonorable or shameful concession


My friend gave me an interesting paradigm yesterday…


I told him that I couldn’t align myself with such as way of thinking. How terrible. Looking at the definitions alone would make two lovers like opponents. It seems like a sure way to create an environment for a war of control dynamics and a sure clearing for failure.

“LOVE IS ABOUT COMPROMISE” is one way to choose to go about relating. Surely there are others. I offered my friend another perspective and an analogy.

What about…

LOVE IS ABOUT CONTRIBUTION? Say like a donation? Contribute 5 if that is what you have or 500 if you are in such a position? What matters is that you showed up freely and that you are supportive making a stand for the same cause… LOVE.

To be shamed into love, made wrong in order to inspire love, seems backwards to me. What can one profit from such intention by creating a sense of loss to gain?

I offer my paradigm… love is a nonprofit endeavor and joyful over all contribution whether it’s a quarter or a quarter of a million.

Something to play with.



~ by jnetsworld on November 27, 2006.


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