thinking out of fear or love?

Thinking Out of Fear or Love?

The holidays has a strange way of agitating emotions and actions. I’ve been getting splashed during some interactions. I’ve been “should’ed” upon these past couple of weeks and goaded upon for being “afraid” when it comes to the game of love.

I know it is simply the pressure of programming, conditioning and tradition that is weighing people’s minds as the holidays come up. Childhoods of parties and hugs generating expectations into adulthood. I think people get haunted during this season by their memories and expectations.

Are you being haunted? Living with thoughts that one’s life is especially “wrong” during the holidays is to drink hard poison and letting ghosts possess you.

I’m looking forward to the holidays to see my family. My brothers have just started their families this year. Watching them fills me with awe. They are celebrating their journey of life having finally found love and building their kingdoms.

But I’m also looking forward to having free time to be with myself to plan out my goals for the new year. Of course falling in love is a goal but it stands lower than other goals. Love is different and can’t be planned for timelines. That’s why it FAILS. Miracles can’t be planned. I can only be happy with myself and be open.

And being OPEN doesn’t entail being inauthentic, going through the motions of relationship in hopes that if you fake it you’ll make it.

It’s the season where I am seeing people get possessed by ghosts and expectations of their past. Just because there will be gift exchanges doesn’t justify being reckless with anyone’s hearts.

It’s a time to celebrate new life, renewal… your life, your soul deemed worthy by heavenly love… not earthly love.

Please don’t should on anyone… especially yourself. Happy Thanksgiving.



~ by jnetsworld on November 22, 2006.


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