solitude feels like a cozy rainy day

Solitude Feels Like A Cozy Rainy Day

It’s mid-November and the weather has been gorgeous. I’ve been driving with the convertible top down. It’s been an interesting week. Every week seems to go that way. What’s up for next week? Tons, as usual.

I learned a new dance today that I’ll obsess over the week and practice at home. I revisited a Chopin waltz I haven’t touched since high school that I think I’ll work on memorizing as well as enjoyed spending time with Beethoven’s Presto Third movement to his Moonlight Sonata.

I’ve been busy running around for commitments and though the weather is gorgeous outside, I’ve enjoyed getting into my pajamas first thing, turning off the phones, and sitting still with myself to reflect upon the week.

I was a bit disappointed this week not making it to “God’s Gate” with neural jetskis. I didn’t get to see “the tunnel of light,” have an NDE, or a conversation with luminous beings. But I felt happy and clear-minded. Perhaps spiritual revelation doesn’t have to look like having the doors blasted down. I feel mine, in general, come about like pushing aside gossamer curtains. Every day, I experience quiet liberations.

The challenges within musical compositions, dance choreography, a diverse assortment of friends, and engaging conversations provide space for “altered states” in just dealing with the variety and navigating with grace. Life is my mind trip. If you want intense, be PRESENT… everything IS blissfully beautiful within the clearing.

Still, I look forward to meeting different thinkers and learn what experience they gain from putting on neural jetskis.

My friend is filming a documentary on spirituality and altered states. Some people can get to that space through meditation; the paths are many. I’m fascinated by the possibility of so many interesting conversations and people he’ll come across.

Here’s their contact email if you’re interested in the project:



~ by jnetsworld on November 13, 2006.


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